Newest Book SUUUUPER Close to Done.

Hi all,

So excited to tell you all that my brand new book is out at the editor! It’s supposed to be back to me around Christmas, so I’ll be completely done with it early in the new year. Hooray!  After the draft is back in my hands I’ll make some edits, query some agents, and hopefully get this book out to a mid-size publisher. It’s pretty good, y’all. A bit of adventure, a bit of supernatural, a bit of ca-ra-zy. All the stuff that makes a great book. As a teaser, the working title is And the Mountains Bled.

I’ll let y’all know as everything shapes up, but wish me luck over the holidays. I’m trying to take a vacation while a hot, delicious mess of a second-to-last draft of a book burns in my inbox. Almost too tempting to ignore … but I’m going to try, hiking the desert and getting some sun over the holidays. Hot darn. Maybe I’ll even hit this place:

Road_Through_Desert_National_Wildlife_Refuge - Copy

Look familiar?