Time is the Most Valuable Resource

My edits showed up in the mail but I haven’t time to even sift through them, let alone apply them.


Man, it’s been busy these past couple weeks. I’ve had a lot of projects and midterms for this masters program I’m in. It’s all entertaining and edifying stuff, but it seems like my hours are being swallowed up faster than I can think. There’s very little time to focus on writing lately. If I were only editing, it would be easier. The left side of my brain is engaged almost all the time, so turning it to editing isn’t tough (in fact, I think it’s one of the best things ever). But I’m still actually writing small bits of Desert Nights, and I can’t shift into right-brained thinking as quickly. It takes a while to shake off the business-brain necessary to get through life and settle into the warm, squishy creative side I use to write. I’m gonna have to turn and burn when I get to editing if I’m going to be done with this book by the end of 2013 (which is my self-imposed time limit).

So I started thinking. If a genie popped out of a bottle and I got three wishes, what would they be? I think ten years ago I would have had solid answers. I had very specific problems then. Now…the problems are not so clear. And they aren’t so much problems as chronic annoyances (perhaps I’ve mellowed). So I think one of my wishes would be two extra hours in my day. Two hours dedicated to creative endeavors without thinking that I might have to be somewhere or doing something else. The rest of the world would be on pause for two hours. Good Lord, the stuff I could do with that two hours.

I guess I could just wish to be independently wealthy, too. I hear rich people do the best stuff.

The other two wishes? Hm. The power of teleportation, aaannnnd…happiness? I guess?

I’m still working to get the When Heaven Calls reboot going. I’ve talked about graphics and re-formatting with the folks at Sakura, so it’s well on its way. Probably another round of approvals and it’s outta my hands.

Well, back to the grind. I’ve got another project due on Monday, so, you know, that + soccer + chores and I guess that’s my weekend. Hopefully I get a few minutes here and there to write my book, too.