When Heaven Calls Update and Return of the Manuscript

My editor finished up going through the new book, working title: Desert Nights. I’ll get it back in the mail soon and I’ll get into editing it next month. I’m having a candid chat with the editor this afternoon and I’m nervous about it – she’s the first person to read the thing. And I mean first. I’ve read pieces of the manuscript, picking at it, changing it, and even editing is very different from just reading something. I’m not sure who I want to read it over a second time; that’s a hurdle I’ll deal with when I get through the upcoming edit.

Sakura Publishing, the publisher of my novella When Heaven Calls, also got in contact with me about updating, re-editing and formatting the e-book and hard copy versions of that story. This is awesome. I put that book out just when e-book stuff was ramping up and editing tools for it weren’t the greatest. An update is sorely needed and I’ll be interested to see what it looks like when it’s done. The reformat and redistribution should be done there in the fall, so the book will be ready for the holiday season.

I just read a first draft of a television script a friend of mine, Steffon, wrote and it’s so awesome. I sure want him to be able to find a studio to make this series he’s cooking up – it’s too awesome not to be made. He’s one of those guys who’s just inspiring in his unflagging enthusiasm and work ethic.

I am also nearly finished editing a manuscript for another author. I should be done by the end of September, which is a little bit ahead of schedule. I love it when I come in under-deadline! I’m usually an on-the-nose sort of person, as I can estimate my engagement level pretty well in advance, but coming in under is like a victory. Hooray!

So, a lot of things up in the air right now. I like that, actually. The hustle. I don’t think I could live without it.


Grad school and bit of writing

Hey readers,

I’ve returned to grad school at The George Washington University, earning an MPS in Publishing. It’s an interesting endeavor, and I engaged in it because I love to learn and to make some connections within the industry. I edit manuscripts and other writing for others, and I’d love to make that a livable gig. Picking and editing manuscripts for a publisher would be an amazing job as well.

My next book, Desert Nights, is being edited out-of-house, due back end of the month. Then I’ll go back through and put the shine on it.

I will be self-publishing a short story as a stand-alone. I haven’t ever gone through the motions of self-publishing start-to-finish and I want to do it partly as an exercise for the Master’s program mentioned above, and partly as a life-learning exercise for myself. I am enlisting an artist for a few pictures, also to get practice inserting things other than text into self-publishing platforms like Smashwords. Ugh, who am I kidding? I just like making stuff!

Write/read on!